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How to Keep a Nature Journal

with Eric Heil and Peter Vitz

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Teaching Writing via the Sentence

Wednesday, March 21st @ 8:15pm EST

Do you want your students to love writing and to noticeably improve at it over the course of a year? Joe Breslin’s writing method really works, and students usually love it. 

Learn how to employ Joe's method of teaching writing using his tripartite structure: technical instruction, technical assignment, and fun application.

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Banishing Homer: The Place of Poetry and Philosophy in High School

with Austin Hatch

Date to be determined.

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How to Keep a Nature Journal
Jane Austen: A Moral Education for Marriage
When Wisdom Went Crazy: Athena’s Strange Behavior in The Odyssey
The Hope of Hobbits: Lessons from Middle Earth for Modern Boys and Men
Teaching the Truths of the Faith through Art